Island Cres

Cres is the largest and one of the most beautiful islands of Croatia.
Untouched nature, secluded bays, more than a thousand different plant species, a rich animal world whose numerous protected and rare species amaze numerous visitors.

In a pleasant climate and surrounded by crystal clear sea, you will spend your vacation enjoying the tastes and scents of Cres, in a rich gastronomy dominated by fresh fish, unique olive oil, the best Croatian lamb and the skill of food preparation fostered by the local restaurateurs.

Cres is way more than sun, sea and gastronomy, it has a rich cultural and historical heritage, the diversity of the climate zones and of the medical herbs, the walking paths built by Cres’ diggers (kopací) throughout the whole island, the centres for the visitors – it will all enrich your experience of Cres.

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Official site of municipality of Cres

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