You can get to know the cultural and historical heritage of Cres in the old towns of Beli or Lubenice that we recommend you to visit. In Osor and Cres there are a serious of cultural and historical monuments of which we especially recommend the museums in Cres, the Archeologic collection in Osor (Arheološka zbirka u Osoru), and the Museum of the conventual friars in Cres. The Glagolitic lapidary (glagoljski lapidarij) in Valun and the Cres’ tower (Creska kula) are the places that connect the touristic offer and introduce the cultural and historical heritage of the island.
The newly opened Museum of Apoxyomenos in Mali Lošinj features world famous statue. Of course, there are also many other monuments, like the city gate, the lodge, as well as a series of galleries and temporary exhibitions.

The offer of cultural and entertainment events is very rich in the summer months. We recommend you the Nights of Lubenice (Lubeničke večeri), The cultural summer of Cres (Cresko kulturno ljeto), The International Festival of bagpipes (Festival meha), Cres’ fair (Creski semenj), Days of Tramuntana (Dani Tramuntane) and the Osor Musical Evenings (Osorske glazbene večeri).

The natural heritage of the island is extremely rich: more than 1100 plant species put Cres on the top of the charts among the Mediterranean islands (right behind Sardinia and Krk) by its biodiversity; of that, about 250 species have aromatic or healing properties. The animal world is rich as well, and famous are the griffon vultures (locally called orli), that can be often seen in the sky above Cres. Numerous other bird species make Cres ideal for bird lovers, who can here find also eagle owls, golden eagles, snake eagles and many more. It is important for the walkers and the lovers of the nature to know that  – there are NO poisonous snakes on the island of Cres.

In the sea around Cres you will often find, along with numerous fish and a rich vegetation, dolphins of the specie bottlenose dolphin [Tursiops truncatus]. The dolphin population living around the islands of Cres and Lošinj is constantly monitored by the Blue World Institute (Plavi svijet).

The purity of Cres’s nature can also be tasted in a glass of water that you can pour from any tap on the island. The water from the lake of Vrana (Vransko jezero) is clean and it is a unique gift of the island’s nature to its inhabitants and to you, our guests.

Cres is famous for its olive oil, the unique blend of tradition, modern processing and proud quality maintenance of Cres’s varieties šimjaca [slivnjača] and plominka. Among the countless dry stonewalls the sheep are grazing – Cres’s variety pramenka which is considered the best in Croatia. You can find out more about the agricultural products of Cres on the web page of the Agricultural Cooperative Cres (Poljoprivredna zadruga Cres).

Although our apartments offer completely equipped kitchens, our guests gladly rely on the skills of Cres’s restaurateurs. On the web pages of the Tourism board of Cres (Turistička zajednica Cres) you can find a list of all the restaurants, and we will gladly recommend you some of those mostly visited by our guests, dependently on your wishes. Everyone can find something suitable, from great pizzerias, excellent fish specialties, to the famous Cres’s lamb.